Is LPG Auto gas Safe?

YES. LPG Auto gas has been used safely in Australia for many decades. There is an Australian Standard for LPG Equipment, Appliances and their Installation. There are Australian Standards for the storage and handling of LPG Auto gas. Every aspect of the LPG Industry is covered by a National Code or Standard and also by similar or additional State Regulations.

LPG Auto gas Vehicle Safety Systems

The LPG Auto gas system installed in modern vehicles is designed to be SAFE IN USE, SAFE TO REPAIR and SAFE IN AN ACCIDENT.

These safety features include;

LPG Auto gas and LPG BBQ gas

There are 2 different grades or blends of LPG and they are NOT interchangeable. LPG Auto gas is for automotive USE ONLY and will be a mixture of propane and butane. BBQ gas is propane which can only be used for decanting into cylinders for BBQ, camping, caravanning and household USE ONLY.